Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Sharing What Is Happening in Your Classroom

Here is a small sample of how you can share what is happening in your classroom with parents and students!

ELA - Interviews
In our unit, Voices through the Ages, we are learning about past lives and what better assignment than to interview a family member. Then we will collect pictures and other items to scan and using Movie Maker, we will create a lasting legacy on CD. I am so excited about these projects that I am doing one too!
Science - Heat and Temperature
We are almost done this unit. There are two labs left and then some preparation for our test. More details to follow!

Have a great day!


Coriine said...

Great page!! Good way to find out whats going on!! Cute picture of Janikka, also!!

Corinne Ylioja said...

Great page!! good way to find out whats going on! Cute picture!! (of Janikka)

Leona Anderson said...

This is a very interesting way of communicating with the students and parents. I appreciate the updates as it is a running detailed list of what they are doing in class. Keep up the good work.