Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Welcome to MisuzB's Blogging

Hello and welcome to my blog site! My name is MisuzB (that's my rap name) and I am excited to introduce you to the wonderful world of blogging!

I am a Learning Coach which means that I get to help teachers in the areas of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment (CIA). But I also have a passion for integrating technology into the classroom so I hope to share some great yet practical ideas for teachers in this blog.

Enjoy and please feel free to comment on the content!


Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs. Balleck!!!

I'm having sooooo much fun here in Airderi. I do miss some of the things in your class

Well I got to go now

Jessi Zlatnik

Anonymous said...

misuzb your blog rocks its cool funny. when i get home im going to see it again for a better look